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​​ellenor’s Carers Cuppa to launch in Swanley

News   •   Apr 19, 2017 14:43 BST

Charity ellenor is introducing its popular Carers Cuppa support group in Swanley, following on from its success at ellenor Gravesend. Carers Cuppa is open to anyone who is caring for somebody with a life-limiting illness or disability. This new group is being held every four weeks on a Saturday from 11am to 1pm and offers support and friendship from others who are on a similar journey.

“Attending Carers Cuppa helped me to cope with some of the most difficult times of my life and it has made me become a person in my own right again,” says one Carers Cuppa attendee at ellenor Gravesend. “Carers Cuppa means I can talk to other people in a similar position as me in a safe environment, knowing no one will be judging me.I come away with a light heart and feeling much happier.”

This new Carers Cuppa group is being held at Swanley Link (London Road, Swanley BR8 7AE) on the following dates: 13 May, 10 June, 8 July, 5 August, 2 September and 30 September.

For more information, speak to the ellenor Wellbeing team on 01474 320007 or email: