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ellenor responds to new draft guidelines on improving end-of-life care for adults in England

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ellenor responds to new draft guidelines on improving end-of-life care for adults in England

ellenor welcomes today’s news that England’s health watchdog has put forward new draft guidance to improve the care of adults in their last few days of life. Central to the new guidelines is encouraging staff to involve patients and relatives in decisions and to communicate well.

“At ellenor, we already meet – and exceed – existing guidelines in the care we give,” says Claire Cardy, Chief Executive at ellenor. “Our mission is to lead and co-ordinate the best personalised care for all ages, sharing our expertise to ensure that all families facing terminal illness get the right support in the best place possible, enabling them to make the most of the time they have.”

According to BBC reports, proposed changes to the guidelines come after concerns with the previous system, the Liverpool Care Pathway. The wide-ranging guidance intended for everyone involved in end-of-life care is open for public review until September this year. It focuses on providing personalised care, good communication and shared decisions between staff, relatives and patients when appropriate.

“We pride ourselves on providing the very best care when it comes to end of life,” says Claire Cardy. “Good communication is key and we involve the whole family in care. We support all needs – whether physical, practical and spiritual - and offer end of life care where that patient needs it, whether that’s in their own home, in hospital, in a care home or in our own hospice building.”

ellenor is a charity funded by the generosity of the local community, offering the best care and support to families facing terminal illness in Kent.

It is the only charity in the county that provides hospice care for people of all ages – babies, children and adults - and their families. This includes pain and symptom relief, end of life care, respite, bereavement support and emotional and spiritual care.

“The care we provide is always delivered in a compassionate and caring manner and we work with everyone involved – including GPs and the patient’s family – to make sure we communicate well and listen to everyone’s needs,” says Claire Cardy.

As the family member of one of ellenor’s patients said recently: “Not only were you there for mum, but you were there for myself, family and friends who spent hours with you all. You made us tea, dried our eyes and gave us the most amazing advice and support. I will never forget any of you.”

Adds Claire Cardy: “We obviously welcome any changes to guidelines which make end-of-life care in this country better. We are proud that ellenor is regarded as a leader in this field and we are increasingly approached by our peers for advice and guidance.”




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