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"We're not dingy!"

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"We're not dingy!"

Have you noticed some negative hospice references creeping onto your favourite TV programme recently?

You may have spotted characters in BBC series referring to hospices as 'dingy' or 'grotty' in the last couple of months. 

In April Eastenders character Stan Carter was dying and a family member raised concerns about him dying in a “grotty hospice.” 

In early June, a character on Casualty said a patient’s options were to “…spend her last days with her boys abroad….” or “…be stuck in some dingy hospice.”

Feedback from patients and families we've supported suggest quite the contrary to these misconceptions. 

We often hear our hospice in Gravesend described as 'light', 'airy', 'friendly' and most importantly 'caring'.

Writers need to visit their local hospice to see what wonderful places they really are and there needs to be a fairer representation of hospices in the media. 

We're proud of the 'home-from-home' support we offer to families - wherever they may be - either at our facility, in their own home, or in local care homes. 

If you would like a guided tour of ellenor Gravesend, please contact 01474 320007 - we'd love to show you around. 



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