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Thoughts on volunteering from Pam Marley

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Thoughts on volunteering from Pam Marley

I have been volunteering at ellenor for eight years and the reason I keep coming back is because I enjoy it so much. I began giving my time for free after seeing an advert in a local magazine, as the charity were looking for someone to help monitor press coverage. I knew of the vital care ellenor provides to local families because a friend received wonderful support during his father’s illness. I was very keen to do my bit to help because they charity relies on funding from the local community.

I volunteer four hours a week in the fundraising office and I enjoy working with such a vibrant and enthusiastic team. I enjoy hearing about all the wonderful things ellenor supporters are up to and enjoy reading about them in the press. Over the past eight years it has been very rewarding to see ellenor featured in both regional and national press, with cuttings steadily on the rise as families share their stories and more people fundraise.

I love being a part of ellenor’s family as a volunteer – it is very rewarding and I would encourage others to join us.

Pam Marley, Hartley



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