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Hospice care is... making a difference

Blog post   •   Sep 29, 2016 12:20 BST

Linda Coffey, Head of Adult Community Services at ellenor, joined us because she ‘missed making a difference, missed working with patients and wanted that connection again’.

After a 15-year career in rehab nursing ‘getting someone back onto their feet so they could get back to their lives’, Linda Coffey had risen to a management role which took her away from day-to-day nursing.

She says that her move to ellenor means she can go home every day and know she has done something to make life better for our patients.

“When someone only has hours, days, weeks or months to live, your work as a nurse is even more rewarding. Nursing is something instinctive – you are not just a nurse, you are a social worker, a counsellor, you do a bit of occupational therapy and much more.”

“My passion was always hands-on nursing and that is why I decided to work for ellenor and why I believe other nurses might also be inspired to work in palliative care as you have more time to be there and make a difference.”

“It really is a privilege to help people when they are their most vulnerable. You see them at their happiest moments and their saddest.”

“You can help them make plans to do something with the time they have left and you help them deal with the things they need to do before they die like saying goodbye.”

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